Part of running a successful website or online business involves knowing who your audience is. Where your readers are coming from, what they’re doing on your site and how long they’re staying are all helpful pieces of information that can help you better serve those readers with newer, fresher and more relevant content. One great, free way to find out all this information and more is through the use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics can quickly and easily be integrated into your site in just a couple of steps.

Simply put, Google Analytics is designed to analyze your website and tell you more about your visitors. Google Analytics will give you an accurate and detailed breakdown of every person who visits your site. The service can separate first-time visitors from repeat visitors and will also tell you how long each person is staying on your particular domain. In addition, you can also see what sites and links that a person clicked on while browsing your site. Google Analytics then takes all this information and presents it in the form of both raw and average statistics for you to browse. Google Analytics will also tell you which services and search keywords a person used to arrive at your site.

Google Analytics offers valuable features like real-time tracking. This means that Google Analytics can tell you how many individual people are viewing your site at any given time. You can watch as the numbers increase and decrease and use that information to gauge things like peak traffic times and behavioral patterns.

Google Analytics requires a separate signup process from a regular Google account. Despite this, the service is still free. You can go to the main Google Analytics website and sign up for your account at any time. That account will then be linked to your main Google account for ease of use.

You can paste the code for Google Analytics onto any website you want to track. Google Analytics requires you to copy and paste a unique tracking code into the HTML of each page you want to track. If you want to track visitors to your homepage, for example, paste that code into the body of your homepage. Tracking individual posts requires that tracking code to be found in the HTML of each one.

Google Analytics also works with other Google services, like AdSense. This can be a great way to track what types of ads people are responding to and which ones are driving people away. If you already have a Google AdSense account you can link the two together through your main Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics Consulting Services

We provide affordable services for start-ups to take their businesses to the top.
Our Google Analytics setup/configuration package includes:

  • Goal conversion tracking
  • Ecommerce tracking
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Phone Call tracking
  • YouTube Video Tracking
  • Scroll Tracking
  • Newsletter/email tracking
  • Custom reports
  • Custom dashboards
  • Advanced segments
  • Google Adwords/Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Search Console/Google Analytics Integration
  • Debugging/troubleshooting Google Analytics issues
  • Ongoing analytics code audits to identify missing tags and uncover javascript errors
  • Testing and validating web analytics tagging

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