The Google Tag Manager allows convenient management of tags like marketing optimization and tracking tags on the website. And with this, there will be no need to constantly edit the site codes. It helps in reducing errors, allows quick deployment of tags on the site, and all the while you would not even have to opt for the services of a web developer. Such convenience is becoming highly important in the world of online marketing.

The manager is used for the following activities:

  • Decreases the time for a page load by firing only the tags that are needed for certain URLs or interactions and converting the tags to be asynchronous.
  • Expands the collection possibilities of analytics data by leveraging the Google Tag Manager for setting values such as custom variables in your analytics tool.
  • Increases the consistency and accuracy of the tags.
  • Increases visibility of the tags existing on your site. You will have the ability to tell when and where the tags are firing. You will also have the ability to turn the tags off that you no longer need.
  • Manages the tags outside of your code release and development cycles.
  • Quickly implements any new tags. The Google Tag Manager can allow your site to be up and running within minutes.
  • Uses the process of installation as an opportunity for evaluating your tagging strategy for both corrections as well as improvements.
  • Uses Google Tag Manager’s permission hierarchy for allowing:
  • o Some of the users to view
    o Some to view and edit
    o Some to view, edit, and publish

Google Tag Manager Consulting Services

We provide affordable services for start-ups to take their businesses to the top.
Our Google Tag Manager setup/configuration package includes:

  • Scroll Tracking
  • Viewport Dimension Tracking
  • Events Tracking Using Existing Inline Data Attributes
  • Pageviews onhashchange
  • SoundCloud Tracking
  • Automated YouTube tracking
  • Measuring hovers on specific elements
  • Drop-down change tracking
  • Ongoing tag audits, using a combination of automated site scanning and debugging tools
  • Testing and validating web analytics tagging

Contact our Implementation Specialists to discuss options that will help you better leverage Tag Manager, today.