Ecommerce Apps Are you looking for ways to improve the profitability of your ecommerce venture? Do you enjoy online marketing but want to maximize your ROI? There are a number of ecommerce applications that integrate with the Google Analytics platform you can consider utilizing to grow your business. Connecting your company’s data across multiple platforms can offer a treasure trove of data to savvy business owners. Check out the following GA-compatible tools to see if you can uncover hidden opportunities to boost the success of your online venture.


UnityReports lets you combine your Google Analytics data with your ecommerce sales data. Track everything from purchase funnels to customer registrations and invoiced orders. Features include KPI monitoring and abandoned revenue tracking. (


MailChimp lets you add your analytics tracking code to your email marketing campaigns. This integration enables the monitoring of everything from revenue generation to campaign ROI. Track individual campaigns, create custom reports, and track ecommerce conversion rates.


Mazeberry integrates with Google Analytics to enable detailed reporting on topics like cost reporting, key performance indicator analysis, and sales attribution. Mazeberry offers infographic dashboard visualizations, secure data collaboration, and cloud-based data storage.

Combining additional analysis tools with Google Analytics is a terrific way to maximize your data options. While Google’s suite of tools is helpful, additional data-mining resources allow you to dive even deeper into the specifics of your ecommerce site. Whether you want to track the effectiveness of the copy on your landing page via A/B testing or you want to experiment with marketing campaigns targeting different geographic areas, you can monitor performance outputs when you have a full roster of data analysis tools on your side. Investigate the above-listed resources to see whether any of these platforms offer data-mining solutions applicable to your online business.